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Central India’s most engaging Studio, making Wedding films, Pre Wedding Films, Ad Films and Documentaries.

It has been last 3 years we are into film making for weddings, indie films, documentary and Ad films. 
Cinestori.com acts as a platform for the best of talents across various genres of candid and artistic photography so that the whole method of choosing a photographer becomes effortless.We promise to photograph you with passion and professionalism. We promise to be: loving, warm, conscientious and energetic. Our hope is to have a personal connection with every client.
And believe us, after 10 or 20 years down the line, when you open your wedding album, we are pretty sure they will be pictures clicked by us, that you will love the most. That will bring back to the two of you some amazing wedding memories. Because in our pictures, you will see the real stories – not just a record of each event and each person that attended but you will see the real emotions.
We are from Indore but we do accept commissions just above anywhere. Whether you live next door or across the ocean, we’d love to hear from you.

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Anshu Badjatiya

Anshu Badjatiya


Koushlen Deshmukh

Koushlen Deshmukh


Tony D'souza

Tony D'souza

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